Get IT Help Now

Stop! Have you tried restarting your system?
This will often correct many errors without having to contact us. If you've already tried this and the problem persists, please continue below.
⏱Response-time goal: 80% of chats answered by a technician and work started within 90 seconds.
If you prefer to speak with a technician on the phone, call us at 508-530-5065.
⏱Response-time goal: 80% of calls answered by a technician and work started within 90 seconds.
For items that do not require a response today you can email us at
This method should be used only for change requests or other items that aren't causing a problem.
⏳Response-time goal: A technician will respond within 24 business hours of ticket submission.
Calls, emails, texts, Teams messages, etc. sent directly to individual Clocktower staff members do not carry any response-time goals, and may be missed entirely.
New Hires and Terminations
Requests for employee terminations or to set up new hires must be submitted through the proper mechanism for those requests, not any of the methods above. Those in your organization who have authority to make these requests should know the procedure to do so.
⏳Response-time goal: Please provide 4-days lead time for new hires and as much notice as possible for terminations. (Terminations are processed at highest priority.)
New Hardware Purchases and Installations
Please do not purchase or install new hardware (computers, printers, or other network-attached devices) without consulting with a Clocktower engineer. Doing so could introduce security vulnerabilities or incompatabilities with existing systems.